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Carving Wood To Life

Master Bird Carving Artist

Jim Durow

proudly presents

Avian Artistry

My Exquisite Collection


Wild Birds carved

with impeccable detail

bringing each bird to life!

I invite you

to view the showcase

of my latest designs.

Unsurpassed quality,

detail and realism.

Hand carved in Michigan 

Custom Bird Carvings
All Original Carvings
Hand Carved in Michigan
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Recent Work
Cardinal Carving
For Home and Office

The Artist at Work



Painting The Nuthatch

Bluejay carving

Bluejay carving

Roughing out the Blue Jay

African Grey parrot

African Grey parrot

Burning in the thousands of feather lines!

Snowy Owl Wing

Snowy Owl Wing

Shaping the wing

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Fine line burning


Jim Durow has been fascinated with the beauty of Nature and Birds and has carved birds since 1974.  He began with the help of his father,  "We carved about 25 different birds together." 

Wooden Feather Carving Studio was created by Jim in1987He became known for his original designs of hand carved birds and numerous ornaments which he copyrighted. Prior to 2019, Jim exhibited his work in Fine Art Fairs mostly throughout Michigan.  He has won numerous competitions including the G.M. Award of Excellence and his work can be found in galleries and private collections around the world.


Jim now works exclusively on commission creating in collaboration with the customer, a unique one of a kind, custom bird carving. He calls these carvings 'Avian Artistry'. Jim's unique ability to carve blocks of wood and bring "life" into the birds he carves has created a great demand for his work. The quality, detail, realism and artistry is unsurpassed.

Jim resides in Marine City Michigan where he meticulously hand carves, textures, hand paints and mounts each bird carving which will become heirlooms for those who purchase his work.



About the Artist

Artist- Jim Durow

Interested in having your favorite wild bird brought to life in wood by Artist Jim Durow?

All carvings are sold on a commissioned basis (i.e. carved to your specifications).  Should you be interested in a custom carving let us know by completing the form below or emailing Jim directly.  We would be pleased to provide a quote based on your interests.


Please note that the Hand Carved Ornaments are available for purchase for a limited time only during the Holiday season and we encourage you to order early to ensure delivery before Christmas. Please see the ornament page for details and dates of availability.

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Wild Birds In Wood
Jim Durow- Artist
Marine City, MI 48039

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