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Available for purchase November 15th - December 10th 
Order early to ensure delivery by Christmas

Cardinal hand Carved Ornament

My Original design Ornament - 2.5" in diameter. Best Seller! Bulb carved from Cherry wood. The bird is hand carved and hand painted from Tupelo wood.

Ornament Bulb

Chickadee Ornament in Maple wood.

Ornament Bulb

Eastern Bluebird in Maple wood.

Ornament Bulb

Baltimore Oriole in Cherry wood.

Ornament Bulb

Hummingbird in Maple wood.

Mosaic Design

Mosiac Style. Chickadee in Tupelo wood.

State Ornament

Michigan Robins Hand carved from Cedar wood. Ornament is 4" x 4" x 1.5" Copyright 2016 Jim Durow

"Victorian" Style

Victorian Style. Cardinal in Tupelo.

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