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Jim Durow

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Wild Birds In Wood

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bringing each bird to life.

I invite you

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that fit perfectly in every room of your home or office!

Hand carved in Michigan 

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Hand Carved in Michigan
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The Artist at Work


Jim Durow started carving birds in 1974 with the help of his father. "We carved about 25 different birds together".  It was then that I started to really become fasinated with the beauty of Nature and Birds.

Jim continued to develop his skills and in 1987 started his business Wooden Feather Carving Studio. He became known for his original designs of hand carved birds and numerous ornaments which he copyrighted.

His work can be found in galleries and private collections around the world. He has won numerous competitions including the GM [General Motors] Award of Excellence.  Jim's unique ability to carve blocks of wood into lifelike birds has created a great demand for his work. Hence the introduction of his namesake line "Wild Birds in Wood."

Continually striving for perfection his style continues to evolve.  Jim's latest endeavor has been to develop a collection of carvings for the kitchen...imagine that! Celebrating the finer things in life, these new creations feature a unique one-of-a-kind carving of culinary favorites with exotic woods. "It is my desire to give the viewer of my new Kitchen Art a twofold emotional experience they truly enjoy in one artwork."


I invite you to visit me at one of my exhibitions this year and see these carvings in person.

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Beautiful Kestrel Carving with exquisite